Coronavirus situation eases in Kurdistan Region, according to health ministry's data

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Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Health issued a statement regarding the coronavirus situation within the last 24 hours of the region.

On Friday, Jan 22, the Kurdistan Region’s health ministry released a new data stating that 85 new cases were registered, while 954 COVID-19 patients were recovered.

According to the number 330 report of the health ministry, 3699 tests were conducted within the last 24 hours, but only 85 patients’ tests showed positive for coronavirus.

The statement also added, 954 infectees got recovered, whereas two patients succumbed to COVID-19.


So far, 21871 people have been quarantined in Kurdistan Region since the pandemic, and 1019596 tests have been conducted.

Among those, 105501 patients have been recorded positive for COVID-19, and 91581 patients have been recovered from the infection.

Regarding the death number, 3454 patients have died until now. However, 10466 patients are still under observation and receiving treatment in the hospitals.

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