Bafel Talabani: PUK reiterates on a fair election

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On Monday, Jan 25, PUK co-chair Bafel Talabani received head of Canadian Embassy's Office in Kurdistan Region.

During the meeting, in which Soran Jalam Taher, head of PUK Foreign Relation's Office attended, the bilateral political and diplomatic relations were considered important. The meeting reiterated on further expanding the Canada's support and aid, especially in military trainging of Peshmarga forces and reorganizing the military units within the framework of international coalition to confront terror.

Bafel Talabani explained PUK's perspective regarding the political, security and economic developments, and addressed the patterns of resolving such issues along with emphasizing on the attempts to reach an accord. Thus, he considered necessary to have a national dialogue between the forces of Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and asked the foreign countries' representatives to help in passing this phase.

Moreover, he discussed the steps of implementing decentralization system in Kurdistan Region, defining it as a factor to reinforce the Kurdistan Region's frame and better serving its people.

The meeting also addressed the upcoming elections in Iraq. PUK co-chair expressed PUK's wish for holding a pure fair election on time.

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