Lahur Talabany: Kakayi are an integral part of Kurdish nation

  2021-01-28 10:00      672 View Count        Comment

On the occasion of the Kakayi’s Feast of Qawltas, PUK co-leader Lahur Talabany sends a warm congratulation, stating “Kakayi are an integral part of the Kurdish nation.”

“On the occasion of the Feast of Qawltas, I extend my warmest greetings to our Kakayi sisters and ‎brothers.” Lahur Talabany wrote in his Facebook account.

He further added, “We hope that their fast and prayers are accepted and that they will rejoice in their feast. The ‎Kakayi are an integral part of the Kurdish nation and we hope that their feast will be an occasion for ‎strengthening unity and national and religious coexistence in the Kurdistan Region, and that all their ‎rights are protected.”

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