PUK co-leader and head of the ICRC in Iraq exchanged views on humanitarian situation

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On Thursday, Feb 11, PUK co-leader Lahur Talabany welcomed a delegation from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), headed by Jean Jérôme Casabianca, head of the ICRC delegation in Iraq.

In the meeting they exchanged views on the general humanitarian situation, as well as the ICRC’s activities in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

"I discussed the importance of ICRC’s humanitarian work in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and reiterated the need to better assist the displaced people and those who have suffered as a result of war, armed conflicts and violence." Lahur Talabany wrote in his Facebook account.

He added: "We extended our gratitude to the ICRC for their work and requested that they continue in their efforts and activities to support displaced people and to attempt to find the prisoners and missing persons from the war against ISIS, in order to help them return to their families. I relayed the support of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for their work and activities.

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