The new strain of COVID-19 spreads faster, spokesman of Slemani Health Directorate says

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Spokesman of Slemani Health Directorate states that the new strain of coronavirus spreads faster than the other forms of coronavirus, announcing that “It affects children more, therefore parents should be aware of their children.”

Dr. Yad Naqshbandy, Spokesman of Slemani Health Directorate, in an interview with Voice of America stated: Mutations can occur in any virus, and thus the virus’s nature can be changed thereafter. The information has been mentioned by the health experts of those countries in which the new strain of COVID-19 has been emerged for the first time, is that the virus spreads more rapidly and affects children more in comparison with its previous form.

Concerning the preventive ways, Naqshbandy asserted that “The same preventive measures, which were practiced for COVID-19, are also used to curb this new strain.”

Regarding the threats that opening the schools might pose, he said “We ask the parents and school principals to further inform the students.” Adding “They shall be obliged to take preventive measures.”

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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