Lahur Talabany receives head of Sunni Waqf Council, emphasizing on religious coexistence and forgiveness

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The Co-leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahur Talabany, received head of the Sunni Waqf Council, Dr. Saad Hamid Kabush , and his accompanying delegation, in Slemani, on Saturday.

The meeting touched on exchanging views on the need to develop religious coexistence, forgiveness, stability, participation, and partnership between all sectors of governance and administration of the country. 

It addressed the effective role of the Sunni Waqf Council in the scientific and academic field of caring for refugees and reducing the pain and suffering of their families and families who have been harmed by the effects of the ISIS war. 

“We announced that, as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, we consider what we have offered to the refugees as our national and humanitarian duty, and we will continue to support and assist the Sunni Waqf Council for any work, activities, and projects they are doing in the Kurdistan Region and in the other provinces of Iraq.” PUK Co-leader, Lahur Talabany, said.

Lahur Talabany called on the Sunni Waqf Council to pay attention to Kirkuk and the disputed territories, particularly in the reconstruction and construction of mosques, schools, scientific and academic centers in areas that have been severely affected by the war with ISIS.

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