PUK on International Women's Day pledging to continue backing women’s struggle

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On the occasion of International Women's Day, PUK politburo issued a statement, congratulating Kurdish women and pledging better grounds for their active participation in all fields.

“March 8 is the day to reaccelerate the struggle of women, to achieve their rights, implement equality, and to rescue themselves from those ancient norms that have oppressed women and made them devoid of social and legal rights.” The statement said. 

It added: “Kurdistani women have had an impressive contribution to the national and patriotic struggle to survive injustice and persecution of occupiers and the struggle to face terrorism. Therefore on this day, we do not only commemorate March 8 as the day of the struggle of women freedom seekers, but also to remember the martyred and struggling women who have become the token of courage for Kurdistani women in the frontlines of war with the enemies of freedom.”

“After the Kurdish uprising, the civil and democratic struggle against gender inequality and violence against women and the struggle to alter the old laws with new ones that could obtain women's rights have taken great steps, but Kurdistani women’s struggling path to survive violence, gender inequality and achieving patriotic and democratic duties is still long.” The statement cited.

It further highlighted: “The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, as always, continues to back the struggle of women, and have achieved many achievements for women in reality. And for now and the future, PUK will not come short in supporting the struggle of women and providing better grounds for active participation of women in all fields, as well as resolving the social and legal issues, and bringing in new women freedom seekers.”
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