Lahur Talabany: PUK reiterates support to women within the party and in society

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PUK Co-leader Lahur Talabany congratulates International Women's Day, on 8th of March.

Lahur Talabany wrote in his Facebook account: "On 8th of March, International Women's Day, I congratulate my mother and all mothers of Kurdistan, who are unique examples of sacrifice, that history can attest to. Our Kurdish mothers and sisters, who have sacrificed greatly and who vigilantly, tirelessly, without rest, without complaints, without awaiting any reward, have had to climb thousands of difficult terrains to raise a generation. There have been times when they have filled the gap left by Peshmerga fathers, martyred brothers, imprisoned and displaced sons. They have filled the gap brought by illness, suffering, suppression and for the sake of their frightened, but hopeful, children. Even with heavy grief, they have become a bright lantern of their homes, facing inequality and psychological and physical pain they have continued to be a pillar of stability, family, and life."

I extend my congratulation to Hero Xan on this occasion, who has always been like a mother to me and never treated me any different to her own sons. She is an example of a strong and influential woman who has left a footprint in the development of various fields, especially in the support and success of Kurdish women." he added.

PUK Co-leader also added: "I extend my congratulations on 8th of March to my wife, who has dedicated her life protecting her family, has made sacrifices, and taken on raising and educating our children. I extend my congratulations to the courageous Kurdish spouses, who apart from protecting the highest values, have raised their children consciously and with patriotic vision, loyalty and forgiveness and have not backed down from any obstacles to protect their families. I congratulate my daughter on this day, who like any other Kurdish girl, is seeking education, science and knowledge, I hope that with the other daughters of this nation, they will eventually become a beacon of independence of our near future."

He then extended his congratulations to all the courageous and freedom seeking girls of Kurdistan, the Peshmerga women.
"I believe in you and in your ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with the sons and daughters of this nation and to raise them to be advanced in all fields that pave the way for a successful society that is free and progressive." he said.

Lahur Talabany asserted: "Women’s sacred struggle for peace, freedom, and equality, is the very humane path that is honored by the divine religions and all legislations.  From this perspective, and within the framework of the social-democratic ideology and ideas of the new revolution, your Patriotic Union of Kurdistan considers defending women’s rights and facilitating their progress in the community, as a priority. I hope that the women and girls of Kurdistan will progress in the fields of politics, science, arts and culture and leadership. I hope that these high-flying eagles of Kurdistan, with the highest revolutionary energy and morale, will work harder within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. We, in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Presidency without any hesitation, reiterate our support to women within the party and in society."

Congratulations on 8th of March, the day of the international day of struggle, resistance, and progression of women's rights," PUK's Co-chair said.

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