PUK Co-chair reiterated on practicing dialogue to resolve political issues, in a meeting with Michal Svoboda

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The Co-chair of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bafel Talabani welcomed Consul General of Czech Republic to Kurdistan Region, Michal Svoboda, at Dabashan mount, on Tuesday.

The meeting touched on exchanging views about the latest security, political and economic situation, and the overall circumstances of the region were addressed.

Bafel Talabani expressed PUK’s stance, reiterating on using dialogue and co-understanding to resolve the political issues and finding appropriate ways to survive the crises facing the region.

Talabani stated that the rights and justified demands of people are their top priority. “We are continuing on our efforts to guarantee the employee’s salaries and providing a suitable livelihood, and for this we are calling on the parties and forces to assist, cooperate and coordinate all together, and to move away from partisan and personal interests, rather to put all the efforts in favor of Kurdistan and its beloved people.” PUK Co-leader said.

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