PUK Co-leader received Iraqi President Barham Salih, emhasizing on dialogues to treat issues

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PUK Co-leader Bafel Talabani received on Thursday the Iraqi President Barham Salih, in Slemani.

In the meeting, in which members of PUK Executive Board and politburo attended, the latest political, security and economic developments of Kurdistan Region and Iraq were addressed.

The patterns of treating the bilateral issues between Erbil and Baghdad were discussed. The meeting reiterated on further cooperation and coordination for the sake of more political and economic stability, and making the livelihood of people better.

The ways of resolving the budget and employees' salaries of Kurdistan Region were talked over. They emphasized that the constitutional law shall be the ground for passing the crises, and dialogues betwen Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional parties shall continue to rebuild trust and provide basis for cooperation, which will be in favor of public interest.

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