Shiite blocs likely to vote on the accepted accord between KRG and federal government, spokesman of KRG's Deputy PM says

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Spokesman of the Deputy PM of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) states that the parties who made change in the accepted agreement between KRG and federal government, have showed readiness to return the accord to the confirmed one.

Samir Hawrami, spokesman of Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister of KRG, said in a televized statement, "During printing of the agreement accepted in the financial committee, some words were changed. We have told them about that and they have almost showed readiness to return the accord to the confirmed one."

Hawrami explained, "That agreement has been confirmed after nearly four to five hours meeting of KRG negotiating delegation with Shiite factions, in which Hasan Kaabi, Deputy Speaker of Iraqi parliament, and Speaker of Iraqi parliamet have also attended."

He added, "They are expecting to vote on the accord on Saturday," and the KRG negotiating delegation will return to Baghdad to rediscuss the accord with the political parties either one day before or on the day of the parliament's session."

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