Director of Slemani Health: We are in a dangerous phase of coronavirus

  2021-03-27 13:25      289 View Count        Comment

Slemani Health Director, Sabah Hawrami, says that the city is in a dangerous phase, and they have registered another three mutated coronaviruses.

“We are in a dangerous phase and according to the investigations’ results we have recorded three mutated coronaviruses, despite the old one.” Hawrami wrote in his Facebook account.

Regarding the Kurdistan Region’s role in combating the virus, he criticized the government for not taking proper actions. “The Kurdistan Regional government could not take scientific steps like other countries against the virus. Many places which are not as important as schools are open, while schools have been closed.” he asserted.

Sabah Hawrami pointed out after they have brought kits to diagnose the new strain of coronavirus, they could find three new strains, in spite of the old one.

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