PUK politburo sends condolence for the loss of Iraqi Judge Mohammed Oreibi

  2021-04-03 11:16      409 View Count        Comment

The political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan issued a condolence letter for the loss of Judge Mohammed Oreibi, member of the Iraqi criminal court, who played a great role in the cases of Anfal genocide and Halabja tragedy.

“We have received with a deep sorrow the loss of Mohammed Oreibi, member of the Iraqi criminal court,” PUK politburo wrote.

It added, “The judge Mohammed Oreibi in the Iraqi criminal court scored a historic prestige for himself in the trials of criminals of Anfal genocide and Halabja. He will forever remain alive in the conscience of our nation.”

“We send condolence to his sincere family, we pray for God to bless them and be their last sorrow.” It said.

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