Lahur Talabany: Mam Jalal made democracy and federalism the identity of a new Iraq

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The Co-chair of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahur Talabany, issued a statement on the commemoration of the first democratically elected President of Iraq, Jalal Talabani, 16 years ago, on Apr 6, 2005.

"Today, sixteen years have passed since Mam Jalal was elected as President of the Federal Republic of Iraq. This historic day was an important turning point in the political life of post-dictatorship Iraq. It was an important achievement for the Kurdish people, where for the first time in history a Kurdish politician, mentor, activist, diplomat, and expert became the Iraqi President in a fair and free election."  PUK Co-chair wrote in his Facebook account.

He added, "Our great uncle with his wisdom and patience offered people success and great achievements, to both the Kurds and Arabs. He was able to become a representative and defender of the various components in the country and an umbrella under which different ideas and views could be gathered. With unity, harmony, stability, and coexistence, he defended the constitution, and made democracy and federalism the identity of a new Iraq, giving him the name Samam Al-Aman (The Valve of Security). He was for the unity of all parties and was always reaching out a hand for cooperation, peace and reconciliation for all. He continuously worked towards strengthening the Kurdish position in Baghdad. When Mam Jalal was President of Iraq, the Kurdistan Region saw a great revival."

Moreover, PUK Co-chair highlighted: "Today as we proudly commemorate this glorious day, we in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan keep our promise, as students of Mam Jalal’s path to incorporate his unchanging beliefs into plans, programs and our political efforts. Now more than ever we need Mam Jalal's politics to solve the ongoing issues. We urge all the parties to end personal conflicts and party interests, and to work together to establish our nation's rights and provide our people with a decent and prosperous life."

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