Bafel Talabani: Anfal is a huge wound in our nation, remains in our heart forever

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The Co-President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Bafel Talabani, issued a statement on the anniversary of the Anfal genocide committed by the Ba’ath regime against the Kurdish people in the late 1980s.

“Today, we remember with sadness one of the most brutal and miserable incidents in history. We commemorate the slaughtering, disappearance, burying alive of our sisters and brothers and destruction of our villages.” PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani said.

He added, “Anfal is a huge wound in our nation and will remain in our heart forever. We in the Presidency of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will look respectfully at the complaints of the prestigious families of Anfal and survivals of this unforgettable crime. I want to emphasize that I always regard myself as a member of them and supporter of the esteemed families of Anfal and all martyrs of Kurdistan. I assure you, our efforts to serve you will continue. And that we consider it as our task and remain at the expectation of that responsibility.”

Moreover, Bafel Talabani asked the Kurdistan Regional Government to implement the demands and rights of the families of Anfal. “I ask the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide a decent life for the survivals and eminent families of Anfal and martyrs, and to implement their justified rights and demands.”

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