Bafel Talabani received James Thornton, discussing political and constitutional files

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PUK Co-Leader, Bafel Talabani, received British Consul General to Kurdistan Region, James Thornton, on Sunday, May 23, in Erbil.

The meeting focused on the latest political, economic and security developments in Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and Bafel Talabani clarified PUK's stance. He reiterated the need to reach a mechanism to solve problems and to make agreement based on the constitution and common interests.

Bafel Talabani disclosed, in light of uniting efforts to build a unified national consensus, organize the Kurdish home, and pursue a Kurdish national policy in Baghdad within the framework of a single Kurdish lobby, the strategy of the Patriotic Union, asserting  "We need a Kurdistani national front that could reflect all the different views and ideas in order to defend the Kurdish position in the central government and hold it strong."

Regarding the constitution, PUK Co-Leader explained the decision of PUK, pointing out that "We are with a constitution approved by the people and we will not allow this national issue to pass by the majority and the minority, but rather we are working on writing a constitution that serves the masses of the people and improves our region instead of serving the parties and personalities."

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