PUK does not advocate limiting freedom of expression under the name of law, Bafel Talabani says

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The Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Bafel Talabani, welcomed Klemens Semtner, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Kurdistan Region, at PUK Politburo Headquarter in Erbil, on May 23.

During the meeting which was attended by Head of PUK Foreign Relations, Soran Jamal Taher, PUK Politburo member, Saadi Ahmad Pira, and PUK Leadership Council member Sarkawt Muhammad Ghafour, Bafel Talabani reaffirmed the necessity of unity and mutual understanding for resolving all of the outstanding issues between all the political parties of the Kurdistan Region. He also deemed necessary the formation of national unity in the current situation for reorganizing the relations with Baghdad based on the constitution as well as for providing a better coexistence among the citizens. Bafel Talabani described such a step as a factor in securing political stability and security.

A bilateral discussion was held concerning the reform of Peshmerga forces; Co-President reaffirmed reform and unification of military units based on scientific principles and modern training camps, for which he considered the continuous support from Germany necessary and explained PUK’s demand in this regard. Bafel Talabani said that balance and the principle of equality must be implemented to form a well-equipped and disciplined unified force based on modern scientific principles.

Another aspect of the meeting was to address the freedom of expression. The Co-President clarified that PUK does not advocate limiting freedom and freedom of expression and does not desire to limit freedom under the name of law since one of the main pillars and achievements of the democratic process in Kurdistan Region is freedom of expression and peaceful coexistence.

Concerning the constitution, Bafel Talabani highlighted several national factors in writing the constitution and stated that PUK desires a constitution that deems the citizens its priority and through which we can guarantee an appropriate political system and better governance for our people.


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