PUK Co-Leaders received Brigadier Richard Bell, discussing bilateral cooperation to combat security challenges

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The Co-Leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Bafel Talabani and Lahur Talabany, received on Friday the Brigadier Richard Bell, Deputy Commanding General of the Coalition Forces in Iraq and Syria, in Slemani.

The meeting focused on the current situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the continuing movements of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, new plans and strategies, and coordination for their eradication along with reform and unification of the Peshmerga Forces.

The meeting also reaffirmed the importance of taking necessary measures to confront ISIS militants and to protect the security of civilians.

"We reinforced the importance of the task of the international coalition forces in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region to continue the war against terrorism and ISIS militants, who still pose a serious threat to the security of our people. We reiterated the importance of continuing and strengthening military coordination through reinforcing and developing the military capabilities of the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army by arming and training them to combat security challenges and eradicate the remnants of ISIS militants." PUK statement said.

The two sides emphasized the need for joint coordination and cooperation between the Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces to confront terrorist threats and fill security gaps, particularly in Kirkuk and the disputed territories where ISIS militants are now trying to carry out attacks and plots across the border, endangering the security and lives of civilians.

The Co-Leaders reaffirmed the support of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for reform and unification of the Peshmerga forces within the framework of one national force based on balance, partnership, and public interest. They also emphasized the need for coordination between the political parties and providing a suitable ground to allow the Iraqi parliamentary elections to be held on time.

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