Lahur Talabany: We are not satisfied with the Kurdistan Regional government’s role, PUK backs a civilian government

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The Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahur Talabany, in an interview with Nwebunewe magazine states that along with some of their colleagues they are working to strengthen capabilities to specify and combat corruption within the party and government.

“PUK works not just to eliminate corruption within the party, but we are trying to use the PUK team’s abilities in the government to eradicate corruption throughout Kurdistan.” Lahur Talabany stated.

He added, “We are not satisfied with the Kurdistan Regional government’s role, if we implement radical reforms, we can render a better future for our nation. We are with a government to be under the scrutiny of an effective parliament. Our plan and political strategy is to establish a service-providing and public government that could become a civilian government.”

Concerning the PUK’s internal situation following the 4th congress, Talabany asserted, “PUK owns a strong, stable situation now, without any hesitancy, meddling and obscuring it defends by all of its efforts the values it has founded for.”

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