PUK Co-Leader: We support free writers, never let to restrict freedom in Kurdistan Region

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PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani received Klemens Semtner, German Consul General to Kurdistan Region, on Sunday, May 30.

In the meeting, the unity between political parties, agreement between PUK and Change Movement, and strengthening of region's position in Baghdad were discussed.

PUK Co-Leader pledged support for any attempt that can gather the parties within a framework of a national project that can put the disputes and political differences in the service of public interest.

"PUK's door is open for negotiation, even if our thoughts and strategies are far from each other, we want to put them all in the service of Kurdistan." Bafel Talabani said.

Regarding the accord between PUK and Change Movement, he said "The agreement is not against any party or force, but we want to reinforce Kurdish position in Baghdad and achieve our rights. And we'd like to expand this national front."

Concerning the freedom of writing and speech,  and imprisoning the Badinan youths, PUK Co-Leader highlighted "We support the independence of the rule of law, we don't want the decisions and independence of our courts to be put under the question on the ground of political excuse. Thus, we have asked the legislative and judicial centers to revise these decrees in order not to defame the domocratic experience of Kurdistan Region."

He also pointed out "As PUK, we support the courageous and free writers by all means, and we never let to restrict freedom in Kurdistan Region."

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