Lahur Talabany: PUK is determined to fight corruption

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The Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Lahur Talabany, issued a congratulatory letter on the 46th foundation anniversary of PUK.


Below is the context of the letter:

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is an aspiration of tens of thousands of martyrs, the continuous trench of hundreds of thousands of Peshmerga, a continuous path of struggle for the people in Kurdistan towards the legitimate right of self-determination. The 1st of June is blessed for the martyrs and the organization of this struggle.

Along with full commitment to the foundations of peace, democracy, human rights, and self-determination, your PUK is considered a fortress for the protection of the Kurdistan Region. It is a defender of Kirkuk’s Kurdistani identity, an army for confronting terror, an arena for the struggle for rights, and is determined to fight against corruption.

The PUK’s efforts aim to balance power and make governance honest, responsible, patriotic, and a representation of the people. With the people’s support, the PUK has the capability to diminish both internal and regional conspiracies that are cornering it in the political and governance domains.

Your PUK is not a perspective with an end, nor is it an effort bound to fail, it is not a force to be marginalized nor a party to be vanquished but rather, the PUK is a historic necessity in confronting obstacles. It is impossible to break and is a vital and renewable party that cannot be cornered in a region, class, or a period of time.
The blood of our glorified martyrs are witnesses to the honesty of the PUK in its struggle for Kurds. The corners of prisons have witnessed the high moral of the leaders of our party. To live short but gloriously. The PUK stands for protecting the Kurdish people and their achievements, and this remains true as long as a sole struggler remains alive.

Your PUK is for the alliance with other parties for the sake of peace and coexistence and wants to assist the other parts of Kurdistan. In the Iraqi and international arena, it wants to continue to attract support and friendship to its rightful values.

On this anniversary we bow our heads in tribute to the leader of the freedom movement of Kurdistan, Mam Jalal and we vow to continue our alliance with the Goran Movement to reach a final unification.

We vow that his PUK, the one that ignited the new revolution with the blood of hundreds of thousands of strugglers, the one that led the uprising and established the Kurdistan Region’s parliament and government, the one that defeated Saddam and fought the terrorists, will eventually prevail over obstacles that we face at this stage.

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