PUK Co-Leader: We will not allow ourselves to be drawn into a proxy war

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PUK Co-Leader Lahur Talabany met up with the members of the bureaus and boards of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan at the Cultural Hall in Slemani, on Wednesday, June 9.

In the meeting, attended by members of the PUK’s Executive Body, Politburo and Leadership Council, the Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) shed light on the general situation, the latest developments and changes in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region on all levels.

"We discussed the endeavors and steps we have taken since the party’s Congress to better serve our people, and relayed that the holding of the fourth Congress was a major turning point in the political life of the PUK. We thanked the old cadres who, due to their patience and their presence in the arena, held a successful Congress event." Lahur Talabany said.

He added, "At the same time, we highlighted the duties the PUK currently bears on its shoulders and emphasized that the PUK is a party that is farsighted and looks at the issues and events in a realistic way and considers the high interests of the people and puts them in the front line, which is why members of the bureaus, boards, organizations and all the cadres must be among the people to relay the vision and policies of the PUK to them, so that distorted voices don’t take their attention away or try to stifle these efforts."

In another part of the meeting, Lahur Talabany discussed the upcoming election and reaffirmed the importance of organization and arrangements needed to strengthen the Kurdish position in Baghdad. In this regard, the formation of the Kurdistan Coalition list between the PUK and the Goran movement considered a great achievement to lay the foundation for unity and achieve the rights of the Kurdish people through parliamentary action. 

"We reiterated that through elections we can make big and real changes, particularly changes in the system of governance and improving the situation that has been brought on our nation. We emphasized that our insistence on reaching an agreement with the Federal Government was not only on the basis of salaries, but because Baghdad is important to us." He pointed out.

The strength of the Kurdish position within the framework of a Federal Iraq is to protect interests and achieve our national goals, PUK Co-Leader asserted.

He reiterated that Kurds have participated in writing the constitution and that the majority of Kurds voted for it. "That is why the constitution is a basis for solving our issues and we view it as an aid in the resolution of all the other ongoing issues, especially Kirkuk and the disputed territories." He highlighted.

The Co-Leader then pointed to the security situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and emphasized PUK's stance against internal fighting. "We will not allow ourselves to be drawn into a proxy war and we will not be silent. In the future we will make serious efforts to avoid the danger of igniting such a fight." He said.

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