Slemani Security forces arrest the murderer of a Kurdish man in less than 24 hours

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The security forces of Slemani in cooperation with the security forces of Iraq arrested the killer of a Kurdish man, who was killed yesterday, June 11, in Slemani.

In a statement, issued by the Slemani Security Directorate, today, June 12, states that “The security forces of Slemani under the supervision of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council, and in cooperation with the Kirkuk Security Directorate, Iraq’s National Security Council, Baghdad’s Joint Operation Room and Salahaddin Police Directorate, could recognize the identity and detain the murderer of the Kurdish man in less than 24 hours.”

The murderer is an Arab male born in 1998, came from Tikrit city of Iraq, and has been working in Slemani for a few months. On Friday, June 11, he murdered a Kurdish man with a hammer hit at his head from the back in a house and stole his car, and following the incident the killer left the Slemani city to Tikrit. The man was a house owner, hiring the Arab labor to work for him in the house.

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