Mala Bakhtiar: pro-life persons will serve life, intellectualism and peacefulness

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A view from the conference, Mala Bakhtiar-Head of Dabran platform and Chief Executive Board of PUK-giving speech in the conference of "Violence and exiting violence"

On Thursday, 17/1/2019a forum was launched under the slogan of "Violence and exiting Violence" under the supervision of Dabran platform, in association with the French Science Organization, and with the presence of various professors and researchers of human and social fields from different countries.


"the conference is held between the French Science Society in Paris and the Dabran in the Kurdistan Region under the slogan of  "Violence and exiting Violence", which is an analysis of social reality in all social, political, economic and Racism fields” Dlshad Ismael, the conference’s spokesperson said.


Moreover, he went to add “the conference works to find solutions to these issues peacefully in the Eastern and Western societies,"


The participants included many researchers and professors coming from fourteen countries.

In addition, Mala Bakhtiar PUK Chief Executive Board and head of Dabran platform (a platform works for establishment of a secular and democratic system) delivered a speech, appreciating the coming of the visitors and their efforts they have put in such a conference.

“I am sure the conference will have its own impact, so that in contradiction to the pro-violence persons, pro-life persons will serve life, intellectualism and peacefulness” Mala Bakhtiar remarked.

He went to add “Certainly, we will have a great impact in the next 5 to 10 years”


At the end of the conference, both sides-the Dabran platform and the French institute for research in the Middle East- signed a contract for co-working and mutual activities.

The conference is held annually in Sulaimani city under the supervision of Mala Bakhtiar and with different titles, but with the same aim-all to struggle for the foundation of a secular, democratic and peaceful society, where everyone, men and women, have equal right and the people can live their life in a peaceful atmosphere, out of violence, which is something devastating to the world in general and to the Middle East in particular.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih




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