PUK Co-Leaders: Kirkuk is the Jerusalem of Kurdistan

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The Co-Leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Bafel Talabani and Lahur Talabany, met up with the Organizations Office and all the officials, councils and members of the organizations' centers of PUK, in Slemani, on Tuesday.

During the meeting, which was attended by a number of members of the working body and members of the Political Bureau, the Co-Leaders delivered comprehensive speeches about the conditions of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan after the fourth congress, the internal conditions of the Kurdistan Region, Kirkuk and the cut-off areas, the relations of the Patriotic Union, the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, and the forthcoming elections in Iraq.

The two Co-Leaders referred to the efforts and steps of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan after the convening of the congress, which despite the short period and in addition to the presence of obstacles as well as the spread of the coronavirus, the work was done well and the steps towards activating and organizing the institutions of the Patriotic Union and providing services to the masses of the people of Kurdistan at all levels, and they pledged to hold a congress of centers directly after the elections in Iraq.

They also addressed the tasks, the struggle of the comrades in the organizations, and demanded to make efforts and to roll up their sleeves to enter the midst of the masses and to explain to them the vision, policy and program of the PUK.

Regarding the Internal affairs in the Kurdistan Region, "We talked about the internal situation in the Kurdistan Region, and we emphasized that the PUK has sacrificed a lot for the sake of political stability, security and tranquility in the Kurdistan Region, and for the sake of consensus and unity among the political parties to serve the people of Kurdistan and to change the political system and the performance of the government in a way that serves the needs of the people." Lahur Talabany said.

On the issues of Kirkuk and the disputed areas, PUK Co-Leaders talked at length about Kirkuk and the disputed territories, and they announced that the PUK would return to Kirkuk, and Kirkuk is the Jerusalem of Kurdistan and has priority for the PUK in establishing security, especially in areas where there is a security vacuum, and they stressed that they would visit the cities and towns starting with Kirkuk.

Concerning the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Relations, "Since the party Congress was held the PUK has had a strong and friendly relationship with all Kurdish parties and is able to reorganize these relations through meetings and official visits. With regards to relations with the Iraqi parties, both Shia and Sunni, the PUK has been able to restore the balance of power and strengthen the relations that the late President Mam Jalal had established. We highlighted the expansion and strength of the PUK's diplomatic relations, and emphasized that international delegations, ambassadors, and consulates of countries observe the PUK's stance and programs with importance and view it as a decision-making party within the political arena of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region." PUK Co-Leaders asserted.

The relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad was another aspect of the meeting, they reiterated Baghdad’s importance to the Kurds, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s policy of consideration towards Baghdad and the efforts put forth to achieve the Kurdish people’s rights through the constitution, which PUK view as a strong weapon to protect Kurdistan Region. "We mentioned the agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad and discussed the significant efforts and steps taken by the PUK team within the party and government. After several visits and meetings in Baghdad, with the role of the President and the PUK Faction in Baghdad, we were able to reach an agreement that was not only to provide the region's salaries and secure its financial share, but to solve all the other ongoing issues, particularly that of Kirkuk and the disputed territories." Lahur Talabany said.

Concerning the Iraq's upcoming elections, they emphasized that the next elections are a fateful process for the Kurds. They reiterated that for the strength of the Kurdish position in Baghdad, balance of power and the achievement of all the Kurd's rights through parliamentary struggle, the Kurdish parties must unite in Baghdad. "In this regard we formed the Kurdistan Coalition list with the Gorran Movement to participate in the upcoming elections. We have called on all Kurdish parties to come under the umbrella of this list so that the Kurds can fight with the highest number of seats and with one voice in Baghdad to achieve their goals. We let our friends in the PUK centers and councils know with confidence that the PUK is rising and that it can become an effective force to gather all Kurdish parties within Baghdad to serve the Kurdish people." He added.

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