Lahur Talabany: PUK will not allow privatizing Hiwa Cancer Hospital

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On Saturday, June 19, PUK Co-Leader Lahur Talabany visited Hiwa Hospital and reaffirmed both full support and the backing of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) towards solving their issues.

"I promised that we would take the necessary political and administrative efforts to provide them with their needs and do whatever is required for the hospital. We will not allow the issues at Hiwa Hospital to be politicized and to be given to the private sector." Lahur Talabani stated to medias.

He added, "This hospital is a gift given on behalf of Mam Jalal to the city of Slemani. We are concerned about the efforts made over the past few years to withdraw and marginalize the public sector in the field of health. These efforts are far from the principles of social democracy and are harmful to people living below the poverty line."

Regarding the attitude of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK Co-Leader stated, "As the PUK we oppose these efforts in all forms. We will not allow this hospital to collapse, be hopeless or for harm to come to its patients."

He also asserted that in addition to their efforts on a local level, they will contact the relevant parties in the Iraqi government to help and support the hospital.

"According to the statistics at Hiwa hospital, a large number of patients have visited from other provinces throughout Iraq. The budget allocated for Slemani and Hiwa hospital, which comes from the income set out in the Kurdistan Region’s Cancer Fund, must remain the same, given on time and efforts must be put forth to increase it. Money expenditure of the pharmaceutical companies providing medicine must be balanced, without any differentiation among the provinces of the Kurdistan Region. These companies must be cooperative and patient with the health sector and not create obstacles for the cancer treatment hospitals." Lahur Talabany said.

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