PUK Co-Leader welcomes players of Nowruz Club, pledging PUK's support for sport sector

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On Sunday, the Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahur Talabany, welcomed the players of Nowruz Club, after their victory.

"Today, I was pleased to receive the executives, coaches and all the players of Nowruz Club, upon their return from the city of Baghdad. They marked themselves in history, for their club, the city of Slemany, for sports, and for all athletes in the Kurdistan Region, thus fulfilling my wishes for them.I extend my warmest congratulations to the Nowruz Sports Club, all the fans of the club and the city of Slemani on the occasion of their progress to the Premier Club Championship." PUK Co-Leadr said.

He added, "This victory is a bouquet of roses from the Nowruz Club to the city of Slemani, and serves as an evidence that our youth are pioneers and can reach the championships. It is an important opportunity to open up and revive football and the sports sector in the city."

"As president of the club and in the name of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) presidency, we reaffirm our promise to continue supporting the Nowruz Club as before and to support the athletes of Slemani and all other sports clubs.It is unfortunate that in the past the government has neglected the sports sector and political conflicts have caused the youth in the Kurdistan Region to be desperate. I hope that this victory will pave the way for the city of Slemany to host not only the Premier Club Championship in Iraq, but the Asian Club Championship as well, and revive the spirit of sports in this city. Through this we can provide the necessary services to all other sectors, especially the tourism, economic, and cultural sectors. Once again, I extend my warm congratulations to the Nowruz Club, in hopes that they will continue on this path and achieve greater victories." Lahur Talabany asserted.

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