KRG must dispense employee's salaries without any cut, an Iraqi MP says

  2021-07-12 11:05      460 View Count        Comment

An Iraqi MP in the financial committee states that there is no excuse for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to dispense salaries with 21% cut.

Shirwan Mirza, Kurdish MP in the Iraq’s financial committee, said on Sunday: The priority for any amount of money that is sent from Baghdad to Kurdistan Region is for salary.”

He also added: The amount of money that comes from Baghdad must not be used for anything else, except for the salary.”

Mirza asserted that “One of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s faults is cutting a specific amount from employees’ salaries. However the amount of money that Baghdad sends is an opportunity to fix that fault, because according to Iraq’s budget law the employees’ salaries must not be distributed with any cut.”

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