Bafel Talabani receives Al-abadi, addressing political stability

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On Monday, The President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Bafal Talabani, welcomed the former Iraqi PM and head of Victory Alliance Haider al-Abadi, at the PUK's headquarter in Slemani.

The meeting focused on discussing the political developments in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the region and discussed the pre-election of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

The two sides emphasized on providing a suitable environment for a clean and fair election that would lead to political stability and the consent of all parties

Bafal Talabani expressed the PUK's clear roadmap and national strategy for all different equations and reaffirmed the unification of different powers and opinions to overcome the challenges and reach a root solution to the problems between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. 

Concerning the Kurdistan region, he said: "We want to unify the Kurdish house and have common visions regarding the files, and to work together to bring the Kurdistan region to safety and stability, and for this we need the support of our brothers and friends in the Shiite and Sunni forces and all other forces and parties and to build an institutional country with them and work to revive the spirit of harmony and coexistence, and this is the policy pursued by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan."

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