Qubad Talabani: Those do good works will be supported

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On Friday, Qubad Talabani, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, met with officials from some of the administrative units of Slemani Governorate.

During the meeting, Talabani said: "The main task of government offices is to serve and we will do serious work to deliver and provide services to the citizens and to implement projects in the border of Slemani Governorate."

The Deputy PM indicated that "They have started a change process and the core of the changes will be based on ability, loyalty and service."

"The aim of the changes is to better manage the government's work and provide more services to the citizens of the border of Slemani Governorate," he said.

He also pointed out that those who do good work and serve their citizens will be supported, but in return the harshest punishment will be given to those involved in corruption who use their posts and positions for their own purposes and those who are not loyal to carrying out the duties they have been assigned to do.

At the end of his speech, the Deputy PM said: "The only purpose of these decisions and changes is to serve the citizens more and to carry out the duties of government institutions at a good and necessary level for the people and to prevent any shortcomings that harm people's lives and businesses."

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