HDP will be a key actor 'even if it is closed,' says Sancar

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The recent attacks and the closure case against the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) not only target the party but also all democratic powers in Turkey, the party's co-chair Mithat Sancar has said.

"The HDP is under an intense attack. On the one hand, the closure case is underway, and there are also physical attacks," Sancar said during a visit to the western province of Aydın.

Two armed assaults were carried out against the party in western Turkey over the past month. On June 17, an armed assailant stormed the party's provincial office in İzmir and killed a party member. On July 14, an armed person broke into the HDP's district office Marmaris, Muğla and fired over 100 shots, inflicting material damage.

"We know that the basis of these attacks is the government's policy of hatred, division and hostility," Sancar said. "Whoever claims that these attacks are individual, they are either responsible for the attacks or accomplices.

"We know very well how to stand up and struggle against these attacks ... None of the attacks target only the HDP. Our belief is that this is a systematic implementation of a plan against all of the democratic powers in Turkey."

About the closure case against the party due to its alleged links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Sancar said, "We have the means to use political power effectively in Turkey, and we are continuing our preparations in this regard.

"There will be elections ahead, either early or on time. We want the elections to be made earlier. It is asked 'What path will the HDP follow in the elections?' ...

"Even if the party is closed, we will demonstrate our position as an actor that determines the political balances in Turkey and takes a role in the construction of the future.

"We say that the Kurdish issue should be definitely resolved. And there is only one way for this: democratic solution, democratic politics, dialogue, negotiations and legitimacy among the public."

The party's other co-chair, Pervin Buldan, previously said that they expected the opposition alliance to change its stance towards the HDP and the Kurdish issue in order to receive the HDP's support in the next election.

Neither the ruling People's Alliance nor the opposition People's Alliance is able to secure a majority according to recent polls for the 2023 elections, which makes the HDP a key actor.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) had run a "resolution process" to the Kurdish question, which ended in mid-2015 when a months-long urban conflict erupted in Kurdish-majority provinces. (RT/VK)

Source: Bianet


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