For the meetings to continue a calm atmosphere shall exist, PUK states

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PUK Political Bureau in Sulaimani.

On January 30, 2019, PUK Political Bureau held a meeting under the supervision of the first deputy Secretary General of PUK, Mr. Kosrat Rasul, at its Head Quarter in Sulaimani.

In the meeting talks over the latest political changes in Kurdistan Region, relation of PUK with political parties, mainly KDP, negotiations to form a political agreement about forming the upcoming Kurdistan Regional cabinet and treating the issues were held. Moreover, the meeting addressed the political and security situations of Iraq and the region.

The Political Bureau reiterated that for the continuation of the meeting of the political parties so as to form the Kurdistan Regional government and resolve the issues in Kurdistan Region, Kirkuk and Baghdad , a friendly and calm atmosphere shall exist, especially the political channels and their medias should avoid themselves from publishing propaganda, discrediting leaders and cadres, and giving lowly statements.

The meeting also stressed on the PUK’s historical and unwavering policy about the harmony and establishing joint attitude between the Kurdistani political parties in order to achieve a brighter future for the Kurdish people, resolve the political issues and to provide a better ruling and serving of people.

Another aspect of the meeting was to evaluate PUK’s relation with other political groups of Kurdistan. PUK Political Bureau considers the development of the ties with all the Kurdistani political parties important; so as to attain the democratic and constitutional rights of Kurdish people and making the people’s livelihood better.

Evaluation of the party’s status, organizational works and how to innovate and prepare the bureaus so as to precede the national, democratic, partisan and organizational duties better, were another part of the meeting, and for this, necessary ways were taken into account.

Prepared and modified by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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