Kurdistan Regional parliament is about to convene tomorrow

  2019-02-17 13:13      366 View Count        Comment
Kurdistan Regional parliament

According to the information PUKNOW has obtained, the newly elected Kurdistan Regional lawmakers will meet up tomorrow in order to elect the Speaker of parliament and his deputies.
According to the political consensus and the number of votes gained by the parties, the speaker of Kurdistan Regional parliament is allocated for Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, whereas the   first and second deputies are for KDP and one of the minorities. However, it is still not clear whether PUK will participate in the tomorrow’s session or not, since the party has announced earlier that the session must be concurrent with the meeting of Kirkuk Provincial Council for choosing the city’s governor, and after signing the political consensus between PUK and KDP for treating the issues of Iraq, Kurdistan and Kirkuk as one package rather than in separate. 
Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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