PUK: The parliament's session was held with shortage of legal and political aspects

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After the Kurdistan Region’s parliamentary session on February 18, 2019, Political Bureau of PUK issued a statement expressing its disagreement.

The statement writes ”At a time that our nation and friends inside and outside Kurdistan were expecting that after four months of announcing the electoral results of Kurdistan Region’s parliamentary election and comprehensive agreement among the election-winner lists to participate in this parliament’s round, the parliament’s session should have been taken according to the legal procedures for choosing the Presidency of Parliament and attempts toward formation of Kurdistan Regional Government, but it was weird for all the blocs that Kurdistan Democratic Party with the help and cooperation of some minor lists held the parliamentary session in a hurried way, and with shortage of political and legal aspects-without making agreement with the second winner list, which is Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, regarding the pattern of governing, mutual plan and strategy for improving the livelihood of Kurdish people, innovation of Kurdistan’s economic infrastructure, and to resolve the issues between Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, normalizing the abnormal situation of Kirkuk and disputed areas.”

“While PUK asked for 24 hour postponement of the meeting in order to reach a suitable consensus so as to fade the differences, but unfortunately irresponsible decision was ruled and the meeting was held in such a way we have all seen” the statement says.

It also went to point out that “PUK has many notices on that session and we believe that it will not serve the development of political process and its future consequences in Kurdistan Region and the region”

Translated and modified by: Dr. Yadasht Salih




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