PUK forces must be in favor of people, Bafel Talabani says

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PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani paid a visit to the leadership of the anti-terror forces, the Commando Brigade, and the Golden Division forces, on Saturday.

Bafel Talabani closely inspected the training methods and the strength of the forces, while he also attended a military parade of the newly prepared forces that was trained with the support of the international coalition forces.

The Co-Leader expressed his thanks to the leaders, the Peshmerga forces, and the employees for the intensive training, discipline, the establishment of the forces according to scientific and military foundations, and for continuing the tasks entrusted to them day and night, as a solid force ready to face any risks that threaten the security of the Kurdistan Region.

He explained that the forces will be reorganized in a number of stages in accordance with national bases and the protection of the security of the Kurdistan Region, and the PUK forces must, from now on, belong to the people and Kurdistan and be at the level of the national responsibility, working within the framework of the law and carrying out their tasks for the public interest.

He asserted, "We will not allow these forces to be interfered with political matters and be used for personal purposes in any way, and anyone who violated the law and used the PUK forces for a personal purpose and had hands in an illegal act, will be brought to justice,"

Moreover, PUK Co-Leader also pointed to the steps to unify and organize the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces within the framework of a national force ready to protect the security of the Kurdistan Region. He announced that the PUK is ready to make this national step a success, and that we wish to make this step a success according to the foundations of balance and the specialty of the forces.

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