PUK Co-Leader: PUK won't be a shelter for outlaws

  2021-08-13 22:06      775 View Count        Comment

PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani received a delegation of the Peshmerga with special needs in Slemani, on Thursday.

Talabani expressed his gratitude to the guest delegation, saying: "PUK is proud of your effort and heroism. You were struggling with a revolutionary spirit during the difficult days for the sake of Kurdistan and PUK. You are the owners of PUK, and it is your home before anyone else."

Talabani explained the changes within PUK and said: "We want to clear PUK of corruption and those who looted the business and commerce of our citizens. Those who used PUK for their interests will be excluded, and we will not allow the Party to become a shelter for outlaws and those involved in corruption."

He added: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will serve people." Calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide more services with a safe and stable life for the Kurdistan citizens.

Edited by: PUKmedia/PUKNOW


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