Bafel Talabani welcomed Colonel Sweek, commander of German forces in Kurdistan Region

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PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani welcomed Colonel Sweek, commander of German forces in Kurdistan Region along with a visiting military delegation in Slemani, on Sunday.

The meeting touched upon the latest political and military developments and steps towards reorganizing Peshmerga forces as well as expanding the co-operations against ISIL remnants.

Bafel Talabani reiterated the importance of military coordination between the two sides, particularly in the field of armament, training and development of military capabilities within the framework of international efforts to confront terrorism and protect security and stability in the region.

He appreciated the German forces for their continued support to the Peshmerga forces, and called for the expansion of this assistance and support towards unifying and reorganizing the Peshmerga forces. In this regard, PUK Co-Leader pointed to the need of organizing the military units on the ground of the modern military science, explaining that, all the steps must taken towards forming a military force that is at the level of the Region's strength and the higher interests of our people, and for this PUK has provided all the preparations.

Concerning the security vacuum and movements of ISIS remnants in several region of Iraq, the Co-Leader explained the security views to the visiting delegation, emphasizing the need for more cooperation between Peshmerga forces, Iraqi Army, and Global Coalition forces to maintain security and stability in those areas and to face any attempt aimed at destabilizing the security in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

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