Bafel Talabani: PUK has become another party

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The Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Bafel Talabani.

The Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Bafel Talabani, said during an interview on Friday evening that PUK has become another party since July 8.

Talabani talked over many files during the interview with a number of journalists, including the Kurdistan Region-Baghdad relation, foiling of a coup attempt, seizing of a spy at his resting place and the issue of being poisoned.

Concerning the Kurdistan Region’s relation with the Iraqi government, he said “We believe in the unity of Kurds, particularly in Baghdad,” adding “ If we are united, we will be the strongest faction in Baghdad. I believe there are opportunities for the Kurds to become united and head to Baghdad with one voice,”
About the upcoming Iraq’s parliamentary election and how PUK can lead the region, “This election is very important,” he stated, adding “PUK could become the party of number one by serving people, ending corruption, supporting the local government and freeing business in the Green Zone”.
The word “Green Zone” is used for the areas that are under the control of the PUK in Slemani and Halabja provinces.

Coup attempt
On the changes that took place following July 8, “The PUK has returned to its path. This party has been away from politics for years … I would like you to test the PUK since July 8 and I am sure we will be successful month by month,” he pointed out.

“What happened in July was the foiling of a coup attempt, in contrast of people saying the changes and reforms within the party was a coup”. Talabani said. He further added, “There had been a coup inside this party for years … Lahur used the security institutions to carry out the coup we thwarted,”

Concerning how Lahur Sheikh Jangi used to turn the security institutions and Zanyari agency in favor of himself, he said “Part of the Zanyari [information] agency controlled all organs of this party. We didn’t look like a party for years … No officials in the party have used the agency this way. No officials in the party have used the name of counter-terrorism forces to empower themselves.”

Talabani noted that the Zanyari agency had become a place for business recently. It was like a business to enrich and empower some people.
Regarding the arrest of a spy at his resting place, he said “A spy had been detected inside his home in Slemani, and it was not a spy of another country or another party, but of the Zanyari agency,”

The issue of being poisoned
Regarding the issue of being poisoned, “Yes, it is true that I was poisoned. I have evidence that I was poisoned inside my house. There is confession too. The drug has been found too,” he asserted.

He added, “It is betrayal, not to me, but to the PUK and the people of Kurdistan,”

Will PUK return to July 8?
“July 8t is the day that the PUK returned to the path of Mam Jalal. We can now have different views and we can argue with each other,” he said.
Concerning whether he has been met up with Lahur Sheikh Jangi, Talabani said there had been meetings but they had not had a good result.
“It has been over” he highlighted.

He also said he had not asked Lahur to leave the Kurdistan Region until the Iraqi parliamentary election ends in October.

Talabani said. “The PUK politburo asked Lahur Sheikh Jangi to leave the Kurdistan Region, but he refused to do so.”

He further added, “104 out of 124 members of the leadership council supported the decision [for him to leave],”

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