Qubad Talabani: We send a strong team to defend your rights

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On Sunday, Qubad Talabani, President of the Kurdistan Coalition, reiterated the need to send a strong team to Baghdad to defend the rights of the people of Kurdistan.

As part of the Kurdistan Coalition's electoral campaign, Talabani visited Chamchamal town of Slemani Governorate to meet with the people and present Kurdistan Coalition's program.

"We are here today because from here we see a deep wound on our people's body," Qubad Talabani said in his message to the Chamchamalis.

"We are here today with the Kurdistan Coalition candidates to tell you that we will head to Baghdad from here to defend your rights and entitlements and provide you with services and stability," he added.

"The people of Kurdistan were subjected to Anfal campaigns because they demanded their rights. We were exposed to Anfal because we are Kurds and demanded our stolen rights. Today we have a constitution in Iraq that preserves the rights of Kurdistan, but this constitution is facing a great danger at the current stage as some parties want to take Iraq back to a central country and steal the rights of the people of Kurdistan," he continued.

"We can fight this scheme by sending a strong team to Baghdad from these candidates who are our sons and loyal to this country. With your support, we will send them to Baghdad to defend the Iraqi constitution and protect the rights of the people of Kurdistan to provide the budget, salaries, services, and stability, so we ask you once again to give confidence to our candidates to send a strong team to Baghdad," he said in conclusion.

Talabani also visited the Chamchamal monument and placed a wreath of flowers on the monument which represents the Anfal Campaign, one of Saddam regime's crimes against the Kurdish people.



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