PUK, National Coalition emphasize on a fair, clean election

  2021-09-16 15:07      189 View Count        Comment

On Thursday, September 16, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and National Coalition party met up at the PUK politburo, in Slemani.

Following their meeting, both sides issued a joint statement.

“Within the framework of the preparations for the futures changes and developments in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and world in general, the high-ranking delegations of PUK and National Coalition met up at the PUK politburo under the supervision of PUK Co-Leader, Bafel Talabani, and National Coalition’s leader, Aram Qadir.” The statement read.

It added, “In the meeting, the two sides agreed on some important topics related to citizens of Iraq and Kurdistan Region,” adding, “Both sides also agreed on supporting and defending the reform process in the political and administrative fields.”

Moreover, the statement read: “The two sides abided each other on working to succeed the electoral process, emphasized on holding a clean election and expanding the coalition’s umbrella in the future.”

Another aspect of the meeting focused on working to establish a contemporary political system on the ground of justice and guaranteeing the human rights.




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