PUK supports the demands of the Yazidis, Bafel Talabani says

  2021-10-07 12:48      365 View Count        Comment

On the occasion of "Jamaa" holiday, PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani, issued a statement congratulating the Yazidis in Kurdistan, Iraq, and the world.

"I send you my warmest congratulations to Yezidi sisters and brothers in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the world, on the occasion of the Jamaa holiday,  wishing that this would be a source of joy in a peaceful atmosphere and that the holiday would be a beginning to heal the wounds of the Yezidis, rebuild Shingal and return the displaced to their areas." Bafel Talabani said.

He added, "As PUK, we renew our support for the demands of the Yazidi sisters and brothers to compensate them, return life to Shingal, rescue the missing, and define the crimes as genocide."

PUK also defends and works to preserve the culture and original Yezidi heritage, which is an emblem of the beautiful big image of the Kurdistan Region for tolerance and coexistence among all the different religions, groups and ethnicities.



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