PUK politburo issues a statement, warns Iraqi govt about violations of Iraq's security forces on Kurdish homes in Kirkuk

  2021-10-13 13:09      214 View Count        Comment

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) issued a statement about the unfortunate events of Kirkuk, stating that Bafel Talabani has informed the Iraq’s PM about the violation made by the Iraq’s forces against the Kurdish homes and citizens.

The statement said: “PUK concerned about the unwanted security situation in Kirkuk which has been created in the past 2 days. We make it clear for everyone that following the yesterday night, PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani has informed Iraq’s PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi about attacking the Kurdish homes, security forces’ violations and arresting the youths. He has been in continuous contact with the Iraq’s PM and officials of Baghdad to resolve the issue and free the detainees, and reiterated the created status in quo is not acceptable.”

It added, “PUK sees the Kirkuk and Kirkukis bigger than any sloganeering, in which some parties including some members of Kurdistan Democratic Party’s political bureau face the Kirkuk’s great dossier, fate and its citizens to a political game and threat for their party’s self-interest.”

Moreover, the statement pointed out that “PUK preserves the principle of coexistence and peaceful living, and defends the coexistence existing in Kirkuk.” Adding, “It will defend the rights, land and Kurdistani identity of the city, and works by this strategy and will not accept from any side to continue mass arrest, impose threat on the life and social coexistence. PUK will take decisive option in any case.”



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