Iraq's presidential post is PUK's share, PUK politburo's spkoesman says

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Following the meeting of KDP and PUK at the PUK politburo in Slemani, the two sides held a joint conference to address the context of their meeting, which was focused on the Kurdish stance and formation of new Iraqi cabinet.

"The post of Iraq's President is for the PUK and I don't believe there is a problem about that. The entitlements and people's rights are a priority for the PUK not positions," Amin Baba Sheikh, spokesperson of PUK politburo said.

Amin Baba Sheikh added, "We need to reach an agreement in the Kurdistan Region then we should start negotiations with the Iraqi parties,”

"All our efforts are for the Kurds to be united. We currently have a delegation in Baghdad to discuss with the parties," Baba Sheikh said.

In turn, Mahmood Muhammad, spokesperson of KDP politburo stated, "We made a friendly visit to the PUK to sway our differences."

He added, "The aim of the PUK and KDP is unity,"

Concerning the Iraq's presidential post, he asserted, "The post is a Kurdish share, but we have not discussed."



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