PUK is in front of radical reform, Bafel Talabani says

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The Co-Leader of the PUK, Bafel Talabani, met up with the Australian envoy to Iraq, Paula Ganly,on Sunday, discussing the bilateral relation between Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and the current political situation in Iraq.

Bafel Talaban addressed the importance of developing bilateral relations between Kurdistan Region and Australia in a way to serve the public interests, especially in the fields of construction and trading to encourage investors to work in the region and help strengthening its economic infrastructure.

Regarding the post-election era in Iraq, the question of forming new Iraqi cabinet and the role of Kurds, Bafel Talabani said “the political status of Iraq is unstable, the local and regional rivalries have a direct impact on the political stability and the future of the government that will be formed.”

He pointed out, “The only way to form a government that can lead to stability and every side’s agreement, is to form a partnership and consentaneous government on the ground of service and radical reform in administration, because it is the correct way to have political, economic and social stability.”

Concerning the PUK’s perspective for the forthcoming Iraqi cabinet, “We are trying to create a national united Kurdish attitude,” he said. “We want to resolve our disputes on the basis of constitution.” he added.

The PUK Co-Leader addressed the changes taking place inside the party, asserting that “PUK is on the way to make radical reform,” reiterating “We want to give more importance to the power and capability of youths and bring them to the front.”




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