PUK Co-Leader receives Marie Paret, head of the EU Delegation to Kurdistan Region

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PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani received Marie Paret, head of the  EU Delegation–Erbil Liaison Office in the city of Slemani.

During the meeting, they discussed political and security issues, as well as cooperation between the Kurdistan Region and the consulates of the member states of the EU and supporting efforts aimed at reform and confronting corruption.

Bafel Talabani expressed the PUK's view and strategy on all issues, explaining that Iraq today needs a services government with real reform, that can respond to the complaints and demands of the people, and that the PUK is with those parties that work according to this policy, those that make the provision of services the basis of the government program and believe in coexistence among all.

During the meeting, Bafel Talabani also reiterated the necessity of the unity of ranks and the Kurdish discourse in Baghdad and explained that "after the announcement of the final results of the elections, our unified position will be a guarantor for the protection of our constitutional and national rights. Our internal harmony will be a factor in strengthening the entity of the Kurdistan Region and enabling us to take a better role for the sake of a better future for Iraq."

On societal security and maintaining the security of the individual, visions and viewpoints were exchanged and the importance of cooperation between the two sides was emphasized, and Bafel Jalal Talabani emphasized that maintaining security, the security and safety of every individual in the Kurdistan Region, is one of the priorities of the PUK, as well as removing obstacles and what puts the lives of citizens in danger and monitors them, and a breach of security or endangering the community, political and economic life will not be allowed, pointing out that in this context, reforms will continue.

At the end of the meeting, Bafel Talabani wished Marie Paret success in her new duties, expressing his support for the success of her work, calling at the same time for cooperation to develop relations and expand the horizon of coordination in all fields.



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