The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan met with the Kurdistan Islamic Union to address current Iraq and Regions' situation

  2021-11-09 15:39      246 View Count        Comment

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, a high delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by Rafat Abdulla visited the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) and was warmly received by Mr. Omar Abdelaziz and a delegation from the Kurdistan Islamic Union.

The main aspect of the meeting was focusing on the current situation in Iraq and the challenges facing the people of Iraq, stressing preserving unity among all of the Iraqi political parties and protecting the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region which includes budget law, oil, gas, preserving the Peshmerga forces, article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, all of the disputed territories outside of the Kurdistan Region, and the unsettled issues between KRG and the Iraqi government.

Another aspect of the meeting dealt with the current situation of the Kurdistan Region, evaluating the results of the Iraqi Council of Representatives election, and strengthening relations. Both sides agreed that all of the problems could be solved through dialogue and the preservation of unity among the political parties of Kurdistan. Mutual understanding and proximity between PUK and KIU have a long-standing history and hopefully, these relations continue in the future.



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