Mala Bakhtiar: I have been poisoned, but will not accuse anyone until the crime is proven

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On Sunday, Nov 14, Mala Bakhtiar, member of the Supreme Political Council of the Patriotic  Union of Kurdistan (PUK), reiterated in a press conference that he will continue to defend the rights of the people of Kurdistan and protect the democratic process in the Kurdistan Region.

Following his return to Kurdistan Region from Germany on Saturday, Bakhtiar held a press conference on Sunday morning to inform the public about how he has been poisoned.

"I have been food poisoned within the PUK, and I will not accuse anyone until the crime is proven," Mala Bakhtiar said.

"I did not commit any wrongs in my life, and there is no doubt about my sincere and careful stances... I was a companion and friend to all the struggling forces, and I do not see any reason to commit this crime against me," he added. "We have given up power for the sake of the PUK, but what has been done to the PUK is more dangerous than food poisoning."

Moreover, Bakhtiar pointed out that he will not accuse any group until the crime is proven and said: "If the person who poisoned me comes to me to admit, I will forgive and will not let him to face penalty."

According to Mala Bakhtiar's statement, he was poisoned before the events of July 8 and the change in power within the PUK and found out by receiving information from those loyal to him.

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