Qubad Talabani conveys a message on the PUK Martyrs Day

  2021-11-21 14:36      241 View Count        Comment

The Kurdistan Region's Deputy PM, Qubad Talabani, published a message on the occasion of the PUK Martyrs Day, on Nov 21.

"The PUK Martyrs Day is a day of pride and remembrance of the sacrifices of our sons in order to consolidate freedom and liberation, a day in which we commemorate the memory of thousands of martyrs of the PUK who sacrificed their pure blood in defense of this land and this country." Qubad Talabani said.

He added, "On the PUK Martyrs Day, the graves of our martyrs are our biggest identity, and on this day we renew the pledge and loyalty that we will protect our gains and work to improve the lives and living conditions of the honorable families of the martyrs."



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