PUK spokesperson: Restoring of the two PUK seats in Iraq's parliamentary election were our legitimate entitlement

  2021-12-01 12:24      193 View Count        Comment

The spokesperson of the politburo of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Amin Baba Sheikh, stated that “We welcome the return of the two parliamentary seats for PUK, which were the PUK’s entitlement.”

Baba Sheikh highlighted that the parliamentary seats, in which one of them was from Mosul governorate and the other was from Erbil governorate, were PUK’s legitimate right within the framework of Kurdish seats in the Iraq’s house of representative.”

He added, “The restoring of PUK’s seats within the framework of Kurdistani Coalition comes after revising the legal complains, and proving the attempts of fraud is a good work, which we welcome.”



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