PUK Politburo Issues a Statement on the 73rd Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan issued a statement on the 73rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, saying that PUK remains committed to support and defend the human rights.

The statement said, "Today, as the world is commemorating the important occasion of the Declaration of Human Rights, we remember to everyone that PUK since its foundation and begining of the struggle era, has been committed with many of those articles, mentioning in its program and policy. And during the legitimate military struggle, PUK has fought with morals and behaved in a humane way with the detainees of previous regime and innocent civilians. After the Kurdish uprising of 1991 and in its first congress, PUK as a left-wing organization, prior to the self-determination motto, made the terms of human rights one of its mottos. And to take it more important, it decided to open an active unit in its partsian organs for the human rights, which made the human right slogans not to be soley affiliated with bourgeoisie class and conservative organizations."

It added, "The passion and importance Mam Jalal gave to human right terms had a special role, which provided him with an identity to be recognized in the world centers as a leader, struggler and defender of human rights." highlighting "Mam Jalal signed against hanging humans by law as a punishment,"

"Following the collapse of the Ba'ath regime, the role Mam Jalal played between the opposing Iraqi parties, lead to establishment of harmony between those parties, which made the Iraqis to call him the 'Valve of Security ' the statement said.

It also pointed out that, "We in the PUK politburo reiterate our committment and compliance to defend the articles of human rights,"

"We, on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, emphasize to everyone that we consider ourselve the defender of that declaration which is written in favor of humanity, and hope for a life filled with better stability for the Kurdistani people and not to be devoid of their rights" the politburo's statement said, noting that "PUK stresses on its contined struggle to protect the human rights in a way that can preserve the feedom of politics, freedom of speech, and independeny and neutrality of the courts."


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